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Angela’s Burrito Style

WHAT: Angela’s Burrito Style
WHERE: 2556 N. Clark St.

OUR RATING: Chance It!

Cheap, giant burritos offered late at night in Lincoln Park. Their menu includes some relatively unique sounding burritos, including the California Burrito with fries hidden inside a flour tortilla. With burritos starting at a mere $4, and with hours going until 5am on the weekends, this place seems to be paradise. But maybe just a hungry drunk’s.

Adam: Burritos are the world’s earliest takeout food. When the Spanish arrived in the New World, they saw markets bustling with activity, as Aztecs accompanied their shopping with the purchase of a burrito or two. Due to its storied history, anyone who doesn’t appreciate these little gems is a little out of touch. Angela’s provides a solid burrito, but it’s honestly nothing special when compare to other takeout places (think Pepe’s).

abs4I ordered the Grande Chicken Burrito, fully stocked with all the requisite ingredients, it was large, but was heavier on lettuce (a little wilted) than chicken and sauce. I needed to add a lot of hot sauce to this one, which suggests their certainly catering to less fiery tastes than mine.

For health reasons, a bean burrito might be more suggested, being high in protein and low in saturated fat. If it’s black bean, you get the added benefits of fibre and phytochemicals. But, chicken is just as good for those who don’t mind so much about such things. An OK burrito at a cheap price.

Alicia: This place is teeny tiny so the only real way to order is to order to go, but you might be able to snap up a seat if you really want to. What I really wanted to do on my visit to Angela’s however, was to get my food and plop on the couch at home and be the biggest couch potato you’ve ever seen.

I ordered a junior vegetarian burrito at a mere $4, and when I finally received the foil-wrapped burrito I thought I had just won the lottery. The burrito was gigantic, fresh, warm, and I spent mere pennies to get it. And when I opened the wrapping my stomach growled and I was ready to dive right into a succulent flour tortilla burrito with all the trimmings. Except…there weren’t many.

The vegetarian burrito came with your typical lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese, sour cream and beans. Despite the sour cream and the cheese, the burrito was dry as a bone, and the old dry tomatoes and stale lettuce screamed for some loving. So I added their green tomatillo sauce, which helped balance out the dryness a bit, but really anything would, so this sauce wasn’t really anything special. It needed avocado, or guacamole, or really just some fresh produce would have been lovely. It was filling, but that’s about all I got out of it.

Final Thoughts: Don’t get us wrong. Angela’s has a lot going for it. If you’re on the northside late at night and have the post-drinking munchies and not a lot of cash in your wallet, you will be perfectly happy here. But if you’re sober and want a darn good burrito for dinner, this is not the place to get one.

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